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Senior Therapy


Here at Meadowvale Homecare our fully qualified staff offer dedicated, flexible services in and around the Redcar and Cleveland area. Trained to deal with a varying range of conditions and disabilities you will find each and every care package tailored to the specific needs of the individual. We understand the importance of care for your loved ones ensuring only the highest standards across the board. Our amazing team respects the dignity, independence and choice of every individual we see and as a company we always strive to ensure clients are visited by the same care worker. This in itself helps to harness a relationship whilst building trust and confidence with the client and care worker. Meadowvale Homecare cover all aspects of care, including domestic cleaning, support calls, medication administration, personal care and much more.


Meadowvale Homecare cover many different aspects of care, our services include bespoke options based upon the requirements of each individual as we respect that everyone is different, we also offer more specialist such as help and support for end of life.
We are proud to support and follow Dying Matters UK.

Holding Hands

We see our work not as a job, but as a calling. Contact us to learn more about our services.

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It is not always possible for family members to be around their loved ones on a daily basis with work and family commitments equaling limited time. At Meadowvale Homecare we are passionate about what we do. We understand people and know that remaining a part of society is highly important. Think of our concierge service as having direct access to a personal assistant. We currently have a list of activities already researched so please feel free to request this from us today. If there is something you or your loved one is interested in that isn’t on the list just let us know. We will be happy to make some enquiries.
How Does it Work?
We will literally do all of the groundwork. By getting to know our clients we learn about likes, hobbies and interests. From here we investigate local clubs, meetings and sessions based around any given activity. For wheelchair users we will make sure relevant access is available and for those who are housebound there is always something of interest we can find. Making the necessary arrangements we take clients to and from the destination, accompanying them entirely if requested.
Health and Well-Being
Fundamental to mental health, social activities not only allow us to mix with other people they make us feel better, happier, confident and a part of society. Activities shouldn’t necessarily completely cease just because people require the help of a care worker and we want to ensure our clients have access to as much information and as many facilities as possible. We understand that everyone’s physical abilities and needs are different, but also realise that being social is vitally important to wellbeing and we all need something to look forward to.

Assisting the Elder


Within a person’s lifetime it can get to the point where additional care becomes necessary. Once this point has been reached we understand that cost implications can soon mount up. As a company we meet the needs of our clients and are always looking for additional ways to help in terms of health and well-being and this is where our syndicates system comes in. We want you or your loved ones to get the most from our services and we believe this a great addition to what we offer.
How does it Work?
It’s really quite simple. By getting your head together with some friends the idea is that you share the cost of care. So for example, say you are interested in starting a Bridge club at your home with three friends. We would arrange for one carer to collect each person bringing them to your house. Each person simply pays for a single hour of care each and because only one carer is required the total time they will spend supervising will be four hours. This cuts costs whilst allowing for social activities to continue over longer periods of time. Sounds good!
What can I do?
There are a number of different activities you can get involved with when it comes to syndicates. We can even suggest like-minded people within the Meadowvale family to become part of your syndicate to broaden your social network further. If it’s the theatre you are interested in then let us know. We will arrange the trip. The cinema is a popular choice alongside sporting events such as football matches. Beach trips, coffee mornings, supporting local charities, films and book clubs are just some examples of the activities we can help with.



Birthday’s happen whether we like it or not and here at Meadowvale Homecare we like to make a bit of a fuss. The level of care offered to our clients is of the highest standards and we like to go the extra mile in making others feel special. Birthday’s with us are celebrated via a hand delivered birthday card by the client’s favourite carer. We also want to give something back so in addition a voucher for one hour of care absolutely free is handed over with the card.
Using a Voucher
The hour of care can be used in any way you or your loved one chooses. Shopping trips are among one of the popular ways people have made the most of their vouchers. Choose a spring clean or even a cup of tea, slice of cake and a good chat in order to put the world to rights. The choice is completely yours.
Giving Something Back
There is nothing more fulfilling to us than seeing a client happy and content and if this is something we can achieve when it’s their birthday we know we are helping. Care work is a lot more than merely the practicalities of running a home, finances and personal care. It encompasses a whole level of health and well-being and we understand and nurture this.